Sunday, May 07, 2006

Animal Alphabet Bags

Ken & Trisha have just released a new line of bags they're calling the Animal Alphabet Totes. Each bag features a name, along with depictions of animals whose names begin with the same letter. I thought I'd post a picture of the Nicholas bag, as Nanny Goats and Night Owls are two of my favorite animals.

Let's not beat around the bush here: what Ken & Trisha are doing is very courageous and very ambitious. The aesthetic of the Animal Alphabet Bag is intensely challenging, and, to make matters worse, we can't count on Ken & Trisha to help us make sense of it:

"Your children will be delighted to see and learn about animals who's names start with the same letters as theirs."

Ken & Trisha would have us believe that the Animal Alphabet bag was intended for children. Yeah right. Make no mistake, bag friends, within weeks this bag will be all over the bag world and no bagista worth his/her salt will be without one.

But what is it that makes this bag so successful?

"We have a lot of fun making and designing these High Quality Art Tote Bags. We hope you will find the perfect tote bag for expressing your unique personality." (italics mine)

The key here is personalization. Each individual can have their own unique tote with corresponding animals, regardless of what letter your name starts with (unless it starts with U, V, X, Y, or Z, they don't have those). The Animal Alphabet bag is about allowing the buyer to define his/her own essence by means of bag. This is something that contemporary designers are exceedingly reluctant to do, and it is why the Animal Alphabet bag is so important.

Also, Ken & Trisha have another site dedicated to "items with a traditional music or old-time theme."

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erica*ann said...

jim, great overview of this beautiful bag. Ken and Trisha HAVE done a great job. You covered it well.. and this bagista is convinced.