Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Japanese Snack Sugar Cat

Hey bag friends and tag bronds!

Bag veterans are in for a real treat today. I just found an
Angel Cat Snack tote for $29.95! Yeah!

If you're new to B-T or have otherwise been wasting your life not knowing about the best in bags, here's a direct quote from the manufactuer:

The is a very unique and famous Japanese snack sugar cat tote bag. It is made of high quality nylon canvas material, with superior illustration. Fully lined with inner zip pocket. A must have bag for Japanese snack lovers!"

So much has already been said about this bag that there isn't really much I can add. I would, however, like to take a moment to respond to some criticisms that have been raised in recent years by certain marginal, ill-informed bag thinkers (Pamela Pekerman, for instance). The grossly oversimplified version is that these critics attempt find fault with the cat snacks elements of the bag, while ignoring the inseparable themes of cat naps and Japanese snacks. In the Angel Cat bag, the combination of these very different and seemingly divergent elements transcends the limitations from which each of the individual components suffer, culminating in this remarkable work of bag that we have come to know so imtimately at B-T.

I welcome any comments detailing the impact this classic bag has had on you in particular, or on bag culture in general.


Ryan 1 said...

Excellent work here. Any bag that does not keep the Japanese snack lover in mind is worth nobody's time. Welcome to the bag-team.

erica*ann said...

jim, this is brilliant. thank you.