Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bots on Skates! The Bag of the Century!

Alright! I give these Robots an A+! Go to my post at Midwest Mindset for further details and vids!

He Takes a little while to get going after the initial start but look at that skatin'! I mean, it's a Robot!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Recently, I was being lazy as hell. By recently, I mean three minutes ago. The tv is on, but I'm not watching it because I'm trying to figure out how the hell to automatically alphabetize a list in Word, and I heard the joyous joyballs. I Think I Need A New Heart by The Magnetic Fields was pouring forth from my tv. It was a commercial for Cesar fancy dog food. This brought about a great mix of craziness.

-Who uses the MF? Nobody. Nobody I knew of before. Nobody I know of tomorrow. But somebody I know of today. The tasty piece selected is excellent as well. Although I'm not sure any selection off 69 would be a bad choice. Plus, we can't really expect any company to select Punk Love, How Fucking Romantic or Experimental Music Love, can we? Bravo.
-Cesar is obviously and uneqivocally named after Mexican-American Labor Activist Cesar Chavez. Excellent reference, but segways wonderfully into the cons.

-This dog food is really fucking expensive. It's like buying the DL Muse Bag. Completely unnecessary. What a huge waste of resources on dogs. There are certain wastes of resources on dogs that are completely justified and valuable for society (see Matt's entry below). This is not such a waste as it contributes nothing to the overall sweetness of the universe. I guess ultimately that means the good wastes are not really wastes at all, but amazingly generous contributions to the state of the universe. Plus, what an terrible irony that a company named after Cesar Chavez, a man who spent his life working for the oppressed, reinforces oppressive industrialized captialist waste at the expense of the oppressed. Instead of feeding people a $10-meal, let's feed our dogs a $10-meal.

In the end, I think I must vote against the Cesar gourmet food gang. The MF choice may reflect more of an openness to good music in commercials thanks to Honda (Postal Service), M&M's (Iron & Wine), and Target (Badly Drawn Boy), instead of the goodness of Cesar. Chances are there is one cool person in marketing that doesn't really fit in that suggested MF.

Speaking of MF, right now, free ep from Danger Doom on It's mostly remixes of Mouse and the Mask stuff, but it's mother-fuckin FREE. Plus it's a zip file, so it takes less time than you could ever hope for to download. GO.