Sunday, June 17, 2007

Perfect Summer! Here We Come!

Matt & Kim

Rating: So Much Fun You Will Puke Upsidedown Frowns From Your Insides For Days & Days & Days, Etc.

Matt & Kim play power pop with synths and drums. And that's about it. They're from Brooklyn, so they probably don't have real problems like normal people, and they most likely aren't still pissed that the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles. In fact, they were most likely never pissed about the move at all. I would wager that they don't even know where Ebbets Field was located. That's sad.

Their music, that which they craft for performance, in said Brooklyn areas, is not sad. In fact, it's about some of the happiest music ever. Wait, you interrupt, aren't they just another Mates of State rip-off? Well, I guess. But only you'll admit that Mates of State are just another Quasi rip-off. So take that, you dumb snob! Besides, Matt & Kim are to Mates of State what Arrested Development is to the Cosby Show. Or something like that....You know I'm trying to write reviews without mentioning other artists, so why would you bring that up in the first place!? Shut up while I'm writing!

They talk real funny, too. Like Linford and Karen if Karen had a sense of humor. She doesn't. Maybe Linford could marry Matt & Kim? That would be nice.

I wish I could describe their music. Fortunately for us, there is this thing called the internet so I don't have to. MySpace to the rescue! Also, YouTube! Rock on! Yea Yeah! Basically, they rule.

Matt & Kim Myspace

Video for "Yeah Yea," from their Self-Titled release

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