Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Baggin' & Waggin'

Dogs, the lost and forgotten bag consumer... or not?

Bags have seemingly swallowed small dogs in Hollywood with superstars and models and old ladies toting around their rat-shaped hounds as a bag-trend all its own. Bags have engulfed tiny shaky ugly dogs for too damn long. Dogs hate that shit. They shit in the bags because the bags aren't nearly appropriate for dogs, they are appropriate for shit, thus the dogs shit in them. Although some would say these dogs are too small for walking and need clothes or bags or clothes bag hats, they are wrong. Dogs take the bus and the train. Jeff BBz showed me some dogs who could jump 100 feet high. Dogs can handle themselves.

All this is why dogs have raised a fist full of bags and are all supporting the new backpacks and saddlebags by WOLFPACKS®.
I four rugged awesome outdoor ass kickin' styles, these are truly "doggie bags." Just check out Iggy and Shae at the top of the post. Iggy even knows how to compliment a Banzai™ style bag with some hip trendy beads. Dogs have found their bag calling, and since they don't give a shit about Paris Hilton they will bite her with the fangs of fashion.

(Cody, owned by Karen Faddis, looks like he really enjoys his new Saddle Bag pack.
Karen says she likes the small pack size for hikes and short outings. Cody, has also worn it to the nursing home they visit, to carry small presents for patients and treats.
"The size works well for my purposes, and the dog enjoys wearing it.") These bags not only provide dogs with face melting styles, but also can be used for goodwill missions. And one.

Sorry my first bag review is so wordy, but dogs have never had a voice like Wolfpacks before.
To sum up here is a picture of Aspen with his packs and an actually comment from the dog. Seriously.

Dear Linda,

My name is Aspen. You really made my first backpacking experience dog gone special. You helped me size a perfect fitting pack and it is certain to last me many more trips. I CAN'T WAIT TILL NEXT TIME !! I just wanted to send you my picture (my owners Kevin and Jennifer took it) of me getting prepared to tackle Pagosa Peak. I am from Kansas and did I ever enjoy the cool weather of the mountains. I got to carry all kinds of really cool stuff in my pack too.


Screw you, Hollywood.

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Jeff BBz said...

Best Review Yet! Dogs are on fire both literally and in the fashion world of forgetten realms and form-fitting forge prints! Welcome aboard the steamship bags! All aboard, except for Pamela Assmuncherman!

I also couldn't help but notice that those beads around Iggy's neck could be identified as a necklace, which we all know is merely an extended bracelet. And that my friend is the true spirit of bag trends. Bracelets and dogs bracing themselves for the future, furrowing thier brows and bronzing their tanned dog-bodies.

Keep it up!