Wednesday, May 10, 2006

can we say, "impractical?"

I like a good clutch as much as anyone, but let's face it, this one is a bust.

I have formulated some solid reasons why this Isharya clutch is impratical.

1) The Isharya clutch is white silk with red beads in the formation of coral. I can not argue, it's appealing to the eye; the contrast of stark white and vivid red is close to making the heart skip a beat, but honestly, think about our wardrobe choices with this clutch. Shall I say "limited"? Who wants a clutch that only jives with a this season white linen dress? Don't get me wrong, white linen is posh, but if i'm going to have a favorite clutch, it's going to have to go with my favorite grey hoodie ((which looks just as sexy)).

2) Price, price, price. DO i have to pay nearly $330 for one clutch to be a bagista? I think not. I understand that it's silk, i understand that it's chic design is elegant.. but $330?? This bagaholic is a working girl who tries to make every dollar stretch. I can find luxury cheaper, thank you.

3) It's not versatile enough for an on-the-go girl. Circumstances and situations arise that we can't control.. and if I'm carrying a clutch, it's got to be just as ready as me for the switchback that can be my life. I'd look quite silly if, while at an outside event, i got paged to work and i still had this clutch for the emergency at hand. I need something, nay! we all need something, that can turn from classy to casual in an instant. This is not that clutch!

Maybe you seasoned baggies disagree with my negative critique of this clutch, but I assure you, they were well thought out and, might i add, very true.

As a side note check out the jcrew coral clutch.


Ryan 1 said...

I completely agree with your negative critique, and I extend it to the clutch. Although there is value in bag variety...who the fuck needs a clutch? That's what I want to know. My damn Jetta has a clutch and that's really good for changing gears. I only need one clutch in my life. How many books can I fit in this $330 piece of shit? Because I can fit probably a hundred books in my damn Jetta, where my other clutch lives. That clutch only costs a couple hundred tops. I'll stick with the "D" Animal Alphabet Bag, thanks.

Jim said...

Do you guys sometimes wonder who Pamela Pekerman thinks she's kidding? I mean, come on. As Erica so eloquently and convincingly articulated, this clutch is the worst. I don't even find it aesthetically pleasing, not even a little bit.

Erica: Nice work exposing more of Pamela Pekerman's dumb garbage for what it is.

Anonymous said...

Erica, the clutch is not really my thing. I can't fit my entire life in it and that is where it is faulty. I will stick with my coach tote for now.


Matthew said...

It looks like the coral is a peel-off gummy worm. That makes it a little better, but seriously. Great work gumshoe!

Jeff BBz said...

mmm, now that mat said that it does look like the coral is a fruit roll up or fruit snack item! If this were the case, then i would place the bag's value at upwards of 500 dollars and its must-haveyness at a 9.6. However, as this is apparently not one of the features, I have to agree with bagerica. This bag belongs in bag hell, or should i say, "bagel?"

Matthew said...

my name is matt, not mat, dummy.