Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gimme Bays

In a new bastard post, Craperman said that you should subscribe to piece-of-hell fashion week daily's magazine because they are giving away a YSL Muse bag. When I read that, I realized what a damn shame of a giveaway that was and that there are plenty of much better giveaways available to us. Here are a few samples (speaking of samples, Dumbela also couldn't contain her appreciation for free perfume samples at stores. If she can spend $1,000 on an S&M underwear bag, why can't she shell out a few hundred to smell obnoxious and give me a headache when I meet her? (which I hope never happens))...

-If you live in Japan and buy Pepsi Nex, you can win a Pepsi Nex Robot. Of course Pepsi parentage is a huge notch against it, but who doesn't want a free robot? Nobody I'd like to meet.

-If you go to the August 26th St. Paul Saints (minor league baseball) game, they are giving away buddhas. Baseball teams have giveaways all the time, but buddhas easily go down as the best I've ever heard of, and perhaps the best ever. In fact the St. Paul Saints have a whole host of amazing things. For instance, they had a New Year's celebration on May 15...this year they are giving away balls of yarn and a little boat (partially as tribute to the Vikings' boatcapade), in addition to the buddhas...on July 22 they are honoring the smallest man to ever play pro baseball...on July 29th they are honoring pro players who had good mustaches...these are the best. I can't believe how side-tracked I got. I can't believe I can't attend any of these events. I can't believe my moms.

-This is more to the point and it may be the number one giveaway of the year, because you can still get in on the action for 0.5 months. Gnarls Barkley is giving away a bag full of sweet goodies including tickets to view. The biggest problem is that I couldn't find any pictures of the bag to be given away. At the same time, it could be a grocery store plastic bag and it would rule the hell out of Pekerman's recommended giveaway. Plus, there are ten runner-ups who also get a bag. It doesn't have as much sweet stuff, but it's still a bag. A Gnarles Barkley Bag. Sign up at

If you have any better giveaways, let me know. I didn't devote too much time to these finds. Plus it's hard as hell to find good giveaways that aren't for completely predictable gear.

A final note, here's Pamela on a blog that rivals her own for shittiness,

Check it out for deeper annoyance.

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