Monday, May 01, 2006

Some Bags Have Beads

I was just thinking about bags and bag-trends, and maybe bracelets, too. (But never ocelots.) When it occurred to me that I should do some image searches for bags and Jackie O, and I came up with this little beaded number, that runs for $52.

And then I got to thinking. Could I see Jackie O carrying this bag? Well, no. So are all Jackie O bags created equal? No again, considering this bag is $1295-$52 less than the YSL Muse bag, which is beside the point really, when you think of it, really long and hard. Or strong and dard. Like the makers of the dictionary.

Which brings me to my next point. This bag looks alot like a canteen.

Also, beads are okay. But aren't they a little too 1615 for today's Manhattan socialite?

And finally, I'm real glad we were able to get Manhattan for a bunch of beads. Just enough beads for those Indians to make us these awesome bags. With some left over for sweet bracelets.


Jeff BBz said...

i second the canteen comments. Makes me thirsty. Hey a girls gotta take a hearty swig sometimes. or does she?

Ryan 1 said...

I certainly agree with the implied value of bead bracelets at the end of your review. Bead bracelets are among the elite when it comes to bracelet trends. This is not even to mention the possibilities of types of bracelets that utilize beads. Also, a girl does have to take a hearty swig of whiskey sometimes. That's a fact.