Saturday, May 06, 2006

the High Priestess says

This past summer, one of my best friends bought a beautiful interpretation of the Tarot Card's High Priestess painted on wood for me on my 22nd birthday. No one around my house or the people I am or have been associated with in the past 4 or so years of my life knew where the high priestess came from... I, however, did.

While in the sixth grade, I started obsessing over things of supernatural beauty.. Tarot Reading was one of those mysteries. Once even, I had a gypsy read my cards, thus my future. I don't remember it now, but that's not the point. The point lays in the mystery, if you will, of how gypsies and others of the sort get their Tarot Cards from one place to another without bringing harm upon these powerful future-telling cards. Because, let's face it... someone sitting down across the table to get their future and present conflicts read via tarot would think it tacky if the teller would rip them out of a card box. Right? I mean, I would, especially now that i found

Tarot totes were designed with, of course, tarot cards in mind.. however, they are convenientally sized for any deck of cards, cell phones, wands, iPods, metaphysical books, bird seed for hungry birds, healing crystals or any number of things. And honestly, who wouldn't want to carry one of these bags. Reasonably priced and of attractive, mystical fabric.. they can bring awe to not only your tarot reading abilities but how you transport them. My absolute favorite tarot tote Fairy Ring, but they are so versatile that even cat lovers can carry their tarot with Cat Moods.

The rope, pull tight top is also a nice feature for ease of use. If one is in a hurry to get the iPod, crystals or Tarot cards out, he/she doesn't have to fiddle with zippers or buttons.

I recommend Tarot Totes for anyone because of their beauty, rope top feature and convenience. These totes are definately for the High Priestess in us all.


Jeff BBz said...

Healing Crystals are the Future of the Present! Tarot Totes are the Toast of the Town! Presenting Erica! Bag Trends Latest Bagaholic! Good Review! Booyah!

Matthew said...

Rhymes with Dorgeous! Excellent reviewing.