Tuesday, May 23, 2006

And your self and all your selves and all your golden brows and golden browns and golden goals and golden goalies and goaliarchical golden brown-self!

the Lord is alive and well and doing just fine, right here in rivercity, With a capital "F" That rhymes with "Jeff" And that stands for Pool, We've surely got trouble! Jeff Pool Trouble! Right here is Jeff River Pool City, Right Here!


Jeff: This bird your friend?
Rinse: Yes, but its the worst kind of friend.
Jeff: Quite a mess of a bird eh?
Rinse: like you wouldn't even begin to know!
jeff: but my mind contains all your knowledge anyway
Rinse: but your mind is a fruitless void
Jeff:but your mind is my own mind, my mind is your own knowledge of your mind of my mind my minds eye or my miners or memymine memy memtones mercury!

Witnesses say she told craig to "shut up"

Please listen and come here and listen right here right now to this these words this part of this please! please come here! i have news for you and for me and for all of us. dat politics is the one is everything things are everything. dat policitcs is the light is regular light is normal lighting in normal circumstances is special lighting for special occaisions is the "The light" is the one light for one man or woman or man shaped doll or light shaped man-woman doll or man's doll's friendly aquaintance with light or his friends or his small back catalogue of matierals regarding himself, light, or his man woman doll's hair dresser, dat politics!

Please bring your means to an end and purchase or buy and get or download or absorb deep into your heart the heart of all hearts, this kind heart that i bring this cloth heart, terry cloth, tearing fabrics or black dark black blamefilled clothes.

What: Dat Politics (the humans with eyes that are my heart)
What else: Wow Twist (the album that is eyes, eyes in a tuxedo, tuxedos flooding the gates of trouble)
what else: please get it it it or get with it, tit, tits, its tits, its tit mouse tits
also what: Good things are in store, are in stores now, are interested in finding your and your game
What to bring: Your game, your goods, your goodness sakes, your special meaning
when: right now, always, since the beginning, immediately
Who: me, you, everyone we know, miranda july, dean martin, dean martin's hair, dean maritime and the maritime gang

the sound is flowing through you!
the collapse of all buildings is coming!
the collections are here!

10 out of 10! 10 out of 8! 8 out of all 8s! 100 out of 300!

Pamela, You will never review this, which is why we are better, better, better, but this is also why we are the same, the same ol same! Pamela, I will give birth to you, and stake you as my birthright! I will clothe you in righteousness, I will cover you with a blanket of leaves, I will place you in the core of the earth.

Dear Dat Politics,
Buildings are flowing through you! You are more important and stronger than every sound in the world! You are more sound than everything else except the part of everything that is your sound. I am listening harder! I am gaining knowledge! I am right at the ledge! I am alright! We are all alright oh yeah!

Your Friend,
Carter Beauford from The Dave Matthews Band

Dear You Guys,
This small collection of sound of fun (11 tracks of "fun") is necessary! Please enjoy! everything I have ever said to you is a lie in comparison to this! My life is a hoax! My life is not a hoax, it is okay, I am okay, I am alright, I feel very fine!

Your Friend,
Jeff Pool Trouble

You can be crushed for a small fee! You can be crushed by my hands! I am buried deep deep in the ground! I am buried deep in the ground and filled with crushed peppers! I have a crush on pepper! Knox County is going back to eastern time!

You can become a special businessman! You are gaining 10 life points! You may gain 10 pounds! You have a great dexterity! you are great! you can work harder and become more! Look!:


What's dat dizzy zip? My Toshiba is alive!

I don't mind, No I don't mind, I don't mind at all. I don't mind at all

I don't mind.

No, I don't mind


jonny said...


In commemoration of paul's glorious post.

O these words!
O these birds!
O these bags!
O these!


I dropped the fucking margarine bucket

Ryan 1 said...

And furthers:

For the void to wrought itself deep into the anus of your heart,
No one will ever seek the justice you wonder upon

For the glory of man All Eye will see in the blink of tetris-square
And you will wish you never wished for it

And two-thousand, nay three, will scream into the doldrums of the shallow
To see the greatest love story never told

If ever three shits torn asunder and restored to seven for a laugh
None could admit the folly of four-fold

So you remain fetal whilst I dig deep into a canal of old age and senility
Because you are the one who will remain

remain to the dismay
remain to the dismay of all living creatures

Matthew said...

Amen. I'm tired from reading. Sooooooo well done.

Anonymous said...

my life is full of terrible hell bad news, and i wish to die. my life files are corrupted by queen hell jenny. but then i view your post and i learn and relearn different ways to be. i learn from that beautiful green reaching and pointing man how to be a special businessman. i have printed it out to hang on my wall as an inspirational poster to work harder and become more. thanks jeff.


Jeff BBz said...

you can be crushed into a small bee. maybe you can be persuaded to become a bee or a bee pattern or certain be pleasures and privelidges. maybe we ought to take into account all your central bean testements and testiclular minus. the minds a thing of its own. and its a tough nut to crack.